Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Comparing Apples and Lemons

So, what I thought was the impossible, unfeasible, unimaginable, inconceivable, unthinkable, and preposterous (thank you has happened.  My MacBook died yesterday.  

(I know you all need a moment.  Take it.  Breathe.  Slowly.  Deep, full breathes.)

I had a feeling something was up because it had been acting a little slow lately, but I really thought that the cool, hip, guy in the blue t-shirt in the commercials had assured me that crashing could never happen to a Mac.  Sure, it could happen to the nerdy guy with glasses who tucks in his plaid button-down, but not to a hip, cool guy in a well-fitting blue t-shirt!

Alas, it did, and after calling Ben to help me trouble-shoot, I realized this problem was beyond even my on-air cohort's abilities.  I made an appointment at Apple Store on 14th Street, put on my best blue t-shirt and headed downtown.

After waiting about twenty minutes, which was fine because I also have an iPhone so that I don't even have to waste one moment by actually just sitting and thinking, I was called to the "Genius Bar."  The guy was very friendly, and though he didn't strike me as a genius, was able to diagnosis the problem rather quickly.  My hard-drive was dead. Fortunately, this was in stark contrast to my sex-drive which he said was quite healthy.

Long story short, my machine is now getting a new hard-drive and a new case because there were some cracks that he said were manufacturer flaws.  I should be able to pick it up in about an hour from now.

But Dave, you ask, how could you possibly be posting to Rubinville if you don't have your computer?  Isn't there something special about your computer specifically that allows your posts to be so humorous, irreverent and insightful?

Good question, dear reader.  But some things, I must keep to myself...

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