Thursday, February 27, 2003

Hey, welcome to my first blog. That has some dirty feeling to it, doesn't it? Like, I blogged for hours last night, now I'm sore. I'm gonna try to blog at least once a day. Sometimes I'll probably blog more, it depends if I'm busy or not. Okay, I think I've taken that bit as far as it can go. So yea, this is The Daily Dave, where I'll check in and just write some thoughts about whatever pops into my head as I'm smacking away at the keyboard. For example, right now, I don't have any thoughts whatsoever, so thats what I'm writing. Wow, this could get pretty annoying. Alright, lemme think of something. Umm, okay, I'm watching the Fox News Channel right now. I think Shepard Smith is wearing a toupee. Is that how you spell toupee? Does blogger have a spell check? So many questions.

Looks like we're gonna do this Iraq thing. I've been trying to do some jokes about the war lately, but sometimes I think, even if this shit is funny, do people come to comedy clubs to hear people talk about war? Shouldn't I be talking about farting and falling down the stairs, thats why people go to comedy shows, isn't it?

Are Judith Light from "Who's the Boss?" and Joanna Kearns from "Growing Pains" really the same person?

I used to do a joke about how they had a character in "Growing Pains" named Boner. I don't think you could have a character on a sitcom named Boner anymore. How'd they come up with the name Boner, anyway? Like they had this big meeting at ABC and someone there said, "Let's give Kirk Cameron a about we name his Jeff? No, what about Tom? Wait, wait, I got it, BONER!" And the rest is sitcom history.

Maybe I should tell you something more substantial about my life. Not to say discussing the origin of Boner isn't important, cuz we all know it is, but I should offer up a little nugget about myself here. Well, I graduated college in May of 1998 and have been doing stand up ever since. The first years it was like once a month, and it has progressively gotten to be more and more, up to now when I work 6 nights a week. As most of you know, I haven't been on Comedy Central yet, but there is hope, I am almost complete with the construction of my robot which I will enter into the "Battlebots" competition. And then, my dreams will have all come true.

That's it for The Daily Dave number 1. Keep it real, would ya?