Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This is a Test, Only a Test


It's been a little sparse around here lately. There is so much going on with The Six Pack, most of which is behind the scenes, that Rubinville has been relegated to the backseat. Considering that I've almost hit the 8 year anniversary of blogging, I actually feel bad about this and have been trying to figure out how to rectify the situation.

So, I am trying a little test to see if we can find a better balance of things get Rubinville into 2011. And in 2011 Tumblr is the fancy new blogging thing that all the kids are using. Why am I assuming you all have no idea what this is? Nothing personal Barry and Hal!

Click here to see the new test site. It's a work in progress for sure, but I think it'll make my ability to get things up on a daily basis easier and stay connected to the Twitterverse, Facebookverse and Tumblrverse. (As well as all the other 'verses' to come, which I will at first hate, then love, then hate.) If the test site goes well it'll eventually be the all-new Rubinville.com and this site will become a giant archive which I guess I can sell off in pieces to the highest bidder. Or something like that.

Man, remember when I just wanted to make a couple people laugh?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Comedy 101

Bill Maher was on The Tonight Show last night (yes, it still exists) and held nothing back with either Jay Leno or the uptight audience. I'm always amazed when a crowd can groan and moan at a comedian when they already know exactly how he thinks. Check out this clip, which really gets good around 5:45...

You've gotta give it up for Maher, to go on the most politically correct show and totally take over. Leno, as always, offers up a couple mumbles and says nothing. Beyond saying what he feels (which too few comics actually do), I admire Maher for not going for cheap laughs and most importantly not caring what the crowd thinks of him. A good lesson for me and a great lesson for Leno.

Now where is my rubber chicken and trick bow-tie?

Friday, January 07, 2011

Blue Rubber Shoes


It's snowing again in NYC, which means it's time to bust out Emma's blue rubber shoes.* Literally, every person who walks by has an "Awwwww!" or a "How cute!" or a "OMG!"

I assume some of them are talking about Emma, too.

*Store was out of blue suede shoes.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Building Digital Bridges

First off, happy New Year, everyone. Sorry it's been a little sparse around here, but we've got so much going on with The Six Pack and sometimes you've (I've) got to prioritize.

I caught two pretty great flicks over the break, both starring Jeff Bridges. The first True Grit by the Cohen Bros., and the other Tron Legacy. While I really dug both of them, Tron really left me inspired and touched my raw digital nerve. It was just a feast of fun for the eyes, ears and brain. The soundtrack was all scored by Daft Punk and you can listen to a 20 minute mashup here.

If you haven't seen Tron yet, check out this clip and get to your local IMAX 3D. (Even though it's 20 bucks in NYC, c'mon now...)

And speaking of digital fun, our New Year's Six Pack is ready for you to download. Click and play...