Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Been almost two week since the last blog, time sure flies when you haven't blogged. So I started a job today handing out flyers for AT&T at college campuses all over New Jersey. 700 bucks a week for a month, and I'm doing it with a bunch of comics, so that sounds pretty decent, we shall see. I did two shows last night, the usual hystericalness over at Gladys' and then I hit an open mic uptown. I've noticed a lot of comics trying to say something about the war, though most don't have anything interesting to say. Without getting too into it anymore, I'd say just don't watch CNN while stoned. There is something going on in Wolf Blitzer's beard. It's freaky, thats all I'm saying.

I dropped my laptop the other day and its not working so now I'm using my roomates computer. Without getting too into it the Gateway technical support people are all very pleasant but I don't think that anyone over there knows what the hell they are doing. However, since they are all so nice about it, you can't get angry at anyone. And that pisses me off. Dude, don't get a Gateway.

I'm starving, hmm, pizza or turkey sandwich? Oh, the choices.