Friday, January 07, 2011

Blue Rubber Shoes

It's snowing again in NYC, which means it's time to bust out Emma's blue rubber shoes.* Literally, every person who walks by has an "Awwwww!" or a "How cute!" or a "OMG!"

I assume some of them are talking about Emma, too.

*Store was out of blue suede shoes.


Barry said...

From the look on Emma's face, however, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Dave Rubin were to awaken one morning minus a few digits that will have mysteriously disappeared in the night. As a tasty dog treat, perhaps. Then we'll see how cute Dave will be when he has to wear blue rubber shoes all the year round to keep his toe-less feet warm. Who knew that I could understand what animals were thinking just by looking at a picture of them? ;)

Eddiexprf said...

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