Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One Thing I Can Do Is Finger Roll

Despite the loss in big the championship game, I thought I would still post a picture of me in action.  Note the American flag in the background, proof that basketball isn't just for Canadians.

(Yea, I know I could've done more with that.  I've, only have had half my iced-coffee though, which must be why.)

For those of you who missed the Twitter update (subscribe here) about it, I actually got pooped on by a pigeon about an hour after yesterday's pigeon-post.  I know there is some profound meaning to that, and I suppose it is proof that as Barry said in the comments section, "no good deed goes unpunished."

The worst part of getting crapped on was that it happened right outside the Apple Store on 5th Avenue, basically the coolest store in the world.  And there I am, wiping pigeon crap off myself using hot-dog napkins and a bottle of water. If it only could've happened at a less cool store, like Comp USA.*

In entertainment news, Ben and I, being the big stars we are, are going to a special premiere of Bruno tonight.  I'm sure it is going to be absolutely brilliant, and don't worry, I won't reveal anything for you guys, though might snap a pic if Sascha Baron Cohen decides to show up.

Alright, gotta go get my jeans patched, the crotch blew out again...

*Comp USA is actually now out of business, but was the perfect reference there, thus making up for my rather weak Canadian reference up top.

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