Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Daddy Complex

Meet Ramajit Raghav, the world's oldest father at 94 years old. His spring chicken of a wife, 59 year old Shakuntala, gave birth to their son a month ago. Ramajit says he did much praying and that the child is "god's gift."

Seems to me like Viagra was the real gift here. And if not, they should be selling this guys blood.

Oh, also it snowed here in the north east, did you hear about that?


Barry said...

Is there a joke about poor 59-year-old Shakuntala having to change two pairs of diapers? I believe there is. Get to it, Dave Rubin.

Hal said...

I wonder whether Ramajit will live long enough to see his son graduate ... from kindergarten. Heard about the snow, Dave. I nearly got trapped in Boston but got the last flight to D.C. before the airport closed.