Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rubinville Retraction

My tweeps (that's Twitter friends for you old-timers) and those of you who have commented on my last post have cause me to write a correction. While writing my list of top-five NES games, I completely forgot about the second installment of the Zelda series: The Adventure of Link. It was one of my favorites for sure, and my brother and I took turns in different spots until we finally beat it. (We then took a picture of the screen with us on each side of the TV and sent it to Nintendo Power magazine. Yea, we were cool.)

Here is a YouTube video of a very monotone man talking about the game...

So, that being said, here is my adjusted list...

  1. Super Mario Bros.
  2. Contra
  3. Adventure of Link
  4. Bases Loaded
  5. Metroid
Yes, yes, I know it doesn't quite make sense that I removed number 4 from the previous list (Punchout) while leaving number 5 (Metroid). But, I carefully thought this all through as to not make another error, and that is how I feel. Plus, Tyson's sordid personal history didn't help him in the final selection process.

Tomorrow, Genesis games!

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