Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Old School, New Money

An old-school 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System just sold on Ebay for $13,105. Why would someone pay so much for an old video game system, you ask? Good question. Ill answer that by quoting from the Yahoo! article about the story...

"Why? Not the console itself, but one of the games bundled with it -- a deeply obscure 1987 release called Stadium Events, a highly sought-after collectors' item. But it wasn't even the game itself that was worth the bulk of the money -- it was the original cardboard box, which collectors value at a breathtaking $10,000. Fewer than 10 complete copies of the game are thought to exist, and retro gaming aficionados consider it one of the hardest-to-find NES games ever made."

I actually have no recollection of game they're talking about, but this does give me a good time to give me top five NES games ever. I know this is gonna be highly controversial, and I look forward to reading your lists...

  1. Super Mario Bros.
  2. Contra
  3. Bases Loaded
  4. Mike Tyson's Punchout
  5. Metroid
Let the controversy begin!


brianianday said...

See, we didn't have NES when I was a kid. We had FamiCom (Asian version of the NES). But nonetheless, here's my top 5 list of ancient games:)
1. Mario
2. Contra
3. Legend of Kage
4. Goonies
5. Castlevania

Lee said...

My top 5 list is just be the 5 games I remember playing the most.

1. Maniac Manson
2. Bubble Bobble
3. Super Mario Brothers 3
4. Dr. Mario
5. Castlevania

I actually help a friend run a monthly event at a coffee shop/bar for gay guys who love to play video games here in Houston called Houston Gaymers. So it's always exciting for me to talk video games with other gay guys.

Dave said...

Brian, I have no recollection of Legend of Kage. I remember wanting to go to Japan as a kid just to see what a Famicom looked like!

Lee, is there a website for the group?

regisjr said...

My favorite 5 are...

1. Mega Man 2
2. Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse
3. Super Mario Bros. 3
4. Legend of Zelda 2
5. Kirby's Adventures

Hal said...

I feel I have nothing to contribute here. I did have a Pong game as a kid, and later an Atari, on which I would play things like Pac-Man and Asteroids.

Dave said...

C'mon Hal, that's something!

Billy said...

I'm going to have to go with the best games I remember others playing because I suck at actually playing most "traditional" games.

1) Bubble Bobble (playable even by me)
2) Dragon Spirit (all my mom)
3) Super Mario Bros. 3
4) Super Mario Bros. 2 (Guess who always played as the Princess...)
5) Double Dragon

(If you were to extend this to the SNES I could list many of the games I'd endlessly watch my mom playing--she was the REAL gamer in the house.)

Dana said...

I don't know if I can order them, but my 5 would be:

Mario 3
Contra (UUDDLRLRBA, know it!)
Megaman 2 (Best musical score)
Dr. Mario (Play a lot on the Wii)