Monday, November 02, 2009

Miami is Nice, So I'll Say it Twice, Miami is Nice, Miami is Nice

Firstly, kudos and mad props to anyone who gets the reference in the title of this post. If you Google it, you'll only be cheating yourself, so don't even try.

The picture is of my brother and I in Miami on Saturday morning. He has often commented that he doesn't get enough play here on Rubinville, so hopefully this makes up for it. (Note: He is not a Jets fan, he just likes the color.)

The bachelor party weekend in Miami was fantastic. It included (in no order), food, drinking, stories, drinking, food, laughing, stories, beaching, pooling, drinking, boating, drinking, swimming, masticating, tanning, drinking, eating and a tiny bit of sleeping.

Yes, I said masticating. And it doesn't mean what your thinking. That one you can Google.

Episode 22 of the Six Pack went up this morning. Seeing as it is now after 5 in the afternoon you are clearly are on your third or fourth listen of the day. Pretty good, right?

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