Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Betty (in) White (and Blue)

My good buddy Andrew Tavani, who just won a Daytime Emmy award for his work on Cash Cab, snapped this picture of Betty White while at the Emmy's last week. As you can see, Betty is looking as spry as ever and according to she has a couple projects in the works. (Thankfully there is no mention of a sequel to The Proposal.)

Yea, there are some perks to knowing award winners in this business. And you thought it was just about fruit baskets, didn't ya?

So congrats to Andrew and another pal, Jon Groce, who also won for Cash Cab. (Though Jon only sent me a picture of Rue McClanahan from an old press junket for Mama's Family.)

Alright, I have to run out and get some toilet paper. I have my reasons...

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