Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NBC = No Bold Comedy

We saw District 9 over the weekend which was absolutely freakin' awesome. Whether you like sci-fi or not you will appreciate this movie for it's innovative film-making, great story and deeply philosophical plot. It made me wanna be a better alien. I mean comedian. Uhh, right, right, comedian.

Before the movie, as has become custom these days, they show you commercials, mini-TV episodes, tell you to that you should pee, that you shoudn't talk, that you should eat popcorn, and should shut off your cell phone/silence your baby. Then, just as you are comfortably numb, you get the eighteen previews. Amongst all that was this horrific, partly disturbing commercial for Jay Leno's new show on NBC. The only thing funny about it was the silence that it caused while people were watching and then the man behind me muttering "What the fuck?", at the end of it.*

Now enjoy this over-produced, group-think, hackneyed comedic short that I'm sure cost more money than I've made in 11 years of the biz...

Steve Allen, Jack Parr, Johnny Carson must be rolling in their graves right now. And not the rolling with laughter kinda rolling.

*There might have been one sorta funny line in there but I can't remember it and really couldn't force myself to watch it again...

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