Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Friend And DJ

I lost a long-time and really good friend last night, Josh Link. He was better known in this town as DJ Josh Link, though I will always remember him as perhaps the only person who loved playing with Transformers more than me. Josh had an incredible spirit and love of life, and I literally can only picture him smiling. He was one of those people who lived how he wanted to live, followed his dreams everyday and made everyone's life better for having known him. Sometimes those things can sound cliche, but I assure you not so with Josh.

When Josh and I would talk on AIM, our conversations always began with one of two phrases, either "Hey DJ" or "Hey Comic." Then our philosophic debates, which one way or another got back to Megatron's relationship with Starscream, would begin. Nothing would ever be resolved, and we'd do it again a week or two later.

Our families have been like real family for over 20 years and Josh will be missed in a way I can't describe. The reminiscing about the vacations to Sanibel and Disney Land has already begun.

We played a mash-up of Josh's on episode 5 of The Six Pack. You can check it out here.

Josh, I will continue to follow the dream that we always talked about it, but now I'll do it for both of us. And yes, I do expect you to pull some strings when you are taking a break from spinning the beats for all the cool people up there.

Goodbye, friend...

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