Thursday, March 05, 2009

Lifetime: Television Not For The Golden Girls

Aright, before I you read this I want you to sit down. (I know a lot of you surf the internet while standing these days.)

Okay, so as you may have noticed, The Golden Girls has not been on Lifetime this week. At first I thought, no, this can't be, it must be an oversight, or a temporary situation at worst. But alas, after doing some research, it is true. The girls have moved on from Lifetime.

Deep breath.

Fear not, friends! They were quickly snatched up by The Hallmark Channel, which apparently felt that 24 hours of programming devoted to greeting cards was a poor business model. Their new schedule is as follows...

Latenight with Dorothy Zbornak, Midnight - 2 am
The Sophia Hour, 9-10 am
St. Olaf Afternoons, 4-5 pm

Those are all weekday times, though there is a rumor there will be a Blanche is a Slut marathon occasionally on the weekend. I will keep you abreast (enjoy the pun) of the situation.

Oh, and to the guy on the Hallmark message board who titled his posting "The Golden Tramps", because Gunsmoke was taken off in favor of the girls, go fuck yourself, sir...

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