Wednesday, March 04, 2009

America Runs In The Wrong Direction On Dunkin'

Yes, two posts with a Dunkin' Donuts coffee-cup picture in one week.  I think we can agree that's many less calories than two donut pictures.

So, the two cups above are from the same DD that I get my coffee from ever since I stopped going to the guy in the little booth on the corner.  (I think he was up to no good.)  Anyways, the cup on the left is my large coffee from yesterday and the one one the right is my large coffee from today.

"But Dave, those two cups aren't the same size, I don't understand." 

Good point, Rubinvillian.  Apparently, they ran out of the normal large coffee cups this morning and began using the latte cups instead.  While I thought something was amiss, I figured these decent people at DD couldn't be pulling a fast one on me, and I left.  It wasn't until I got home and compared cup-size that I realized I had been taken for a ride!  A 4-ounce ride, if my measurements are correct!

Look, I know we are in a recession, but if we are going to start tricking people into smaller cups, I might just snap.  And that's not just because I own stock in Victoria's Secret, a company widely known to trick people into increased cup-size...

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