Monday, January 05, 2009

Rubinville at 1001: Easier Than Ever

As if post 1000 wasn't enough for today, I have an extra bonus for you.  If you look right above this post, along with Myspace, Facebook and email, we now have a button "rss feed."  If you click it, you can subscriibe to Rubinville and automatically see when I post something new.  Sure, you lose the element of surprise, but just like the Flowbee, sometimes consistency is better than a hot, new dew.

For those of you who like surprises, don't subscribe and simply just hit refresh all day long until you see something new.  Or have your assistant do it for you, that's really up to you...

(For my more tech savvy readers, please do not tell me I should've had an RSS feed three years ago.  If I've learned anything from Heinz commercials over the years it's that good things come to those who wait.)

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