Monday, January 05, 2009


(1000 Russian Rubles.  The best I could come up with.)

We've made it, people, post #1000.  I have been thinking about what 1000 means and I've come up with a couple things...

First, I hope that 1000 posts means that, at the very least, I have made you chuckle 1000 times.  Most likely it is more than that, though I'm sure sometimes you don't chuckle at all, and sometimes I get several guffaws.  

Secondly, it means that with the exception of my two or three mobile posts, I have sat down at my computer 1000 times to amuse you.  That's even more times than I sat down to look at porn.  Impressive, right?

Thirdly, joking aside, I spent some time last night looking back on many of the past posts, and it has been quite a ride with this blog.  So much has happened to me personally and professionally, and it's pretty cool to see what I was thinking all along the way.  

So, what's next?

I've been thinking how I can make this site bigger and better and I've come up with a couple things.  Since I know people like lists, here we go...

1.  I commit to post something everyday for this year.  Sometimes it will be just anything, but that seems better than nothing.

2.  We have just begun videotaping the Hot Gay Comics podcasts and I will start posting some of the videos here with links to the full podcasts.

3.  I will respond to all comments one way or another.  This is something I used to do, and then people started telling me it was unnecessary.  I enjoy doing it though, and it makes this interactive which is gonna be very hot in  2009.

I have a couple other surprises in store, but I don't wanna give it all up right now.  Oh, and also, since we are gonna make this more interactive, if we aren't friends on Facebook or MySpace, let's make that happen.

(That means you have to click above and request me, I don't know how to add anonymous internet friends.)

Alright, so 1000 and counting.  I'm pretty sure that makes this the longest running website on the internet after Amazon and Xtube.  

I will be back later today with a more humorous post, but I will leave you with this profound thought.  I am watching Live with Regis and Kelly as I write this.  The show went HD today which makes Regis look like a cartoon and Kelly look like an alien.  

Post 1001 this afteroon...

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