Monday, December 15, 2008

Circuit City Sucks

Alright, we're back in business, people.  And speaking of business, today's post will be about a company that should be, and is, going out of business.

So, we were doing some holiday shopping yesterday and ended up at Circuit City.  That in and of itself was my first mistake.  I can't tell you the item I wanted to purchase (the receiver of the gift probably will read this), but it was something electronic, over a hundred bucks.  As I was about to pay for it the salesgirl tells me they have a special going and i can get a free gift with it.  I wasn't expecting a free gift, so it was just a bonus, but then she tells me they are all out of the free gift.  I asked her if I could just take something very similar to the free gift, an item that was actually cheaper than the free one, but she said no.  Sooooo, off to talk to the manager I went.

The manager was hiding in the Geek Squad area and refused to come around the desk to talk to me. He said he couldn't offer me anything else and I said that I would just go to the Circuit City ten blocks away but I'd rather just buy it here.  He clearly didn't want to make the sale, so I left.

I get to the other Circuit City and they tell me that they don't even have this free gift sale in their system.  The salesguy calls the original Circuit City and they claim they don't even know about the sale in the first place.   He then tells me there is nothing he can do and walks away.

Long story short, I purchased the item at Best Buy (actually for a few dollars more than the CC price) just out of spite.

Spite, what the holidays are all about.  Right?

(More later, I'm feeling it today...)

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