Monday, November 10, 2008

Hang Time

(Photo courtesy of Carlos Masip)

Not bad for a white guy, right?

That's me playing ball yesterday, finally getting to run-off some of my post-election madness. I scored 28, but we lost in overtime. It was fixed! Fixed, I say!

The country continues to be feel the Obama-Glow. There is a real sense that some sort of collective headache is gone and that maybe we can get back to being the country we all used to believe in. The real question is now are we counting the days until Obama officially takes over or are we just counting the days until George goes out to pasture?

I know that it is just semantics yet I'm still counting the George days more.

Circuit City has filed for bankruptcy today. I assume that means that the government will take it over and start selling Blu-ray players at a 5 percent discount.

There is a big protest on Wednesday outside the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints because of all the money they gave to support Prop 8 in California. It's only about 15 blocks from my apartment so I will be going for sure if any of you want to join. I am also training Emma to bite mormons, though I don't know if putting meat on a giant cardboard cutout of Mitt Romney's genitals will work.

And on that note, I have to head out and get some meat. Strangely, I already have a giant cardboard cutout of Mitt Romney, please don't ask why...

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