Wednesday, November 12, 2008


There's an intersting article from the AP about how The Cosby Show helped pave the way for Barack Obama to become president. Thank god the show wasn't about an ignorant, ex-beauty queen from Alaska.

I guess I'm a bit ahead of the times when it comes to Cosby's influence. I was about five years old when I saw his HBO special Himself and that was when I first started trying to make people laugh. So, by using some nifty logic, you could say that I, too, paved the way for Obama.

Speaking of paving the way, I've had a couple people take me up on the offer of going down to the Prop 8 rally at the Church of Latter Day Saints later tonight. Emma is frothing at the mouth after a day of staring at Mitt Romney's meat-laden genitals, so I'm expecting a pretty fantastic protest.

"Mitt Romney's meat-laden gentials." There's a visual for ya...

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