Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Go Tuck Yourself!

I thought that Tucker Carlson, the bow-tie wearing dingbat on MSNBC, was the most annoying Tucker on television until I came across Tucker Bounds, an aide on the McCain campaign. How this guy got a job is beyond me. See the video below, and if you're as amazed as I am, there's plenty more on YouTube.

So, I played some Force Unleashed last night and so far so good. You open the game as Darth Vader, (I think the first time you play as him in a video game) and I used my Wii-saber to slash some Wookiees and cause general mayhem. Using the controller as a lightsaber is pretty awesome, although you can only use it as a righty and I am a natural lefty. Makes you wonder if there were any real Jedi's who were leftys. I'll have to Wookipeedia that.

(Yes, there is a Wookieepedia. Pretty great, I know.)

The line at midnight to pickup the game was a rather depressing collection of people who clearly hadn't been laid in a long time. They actually only let us in the store two a time, which led me to say to the guy guarding the door, "Jeez, this is like a hot club!" He looked at me confused, as if he had never been to a club. And to think, I almost was the king of these people.

Alright, I have a couple things to do including killing more Wookiees and submitting my resume to the McCain campaign...

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