Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Doggie Crime

Emma, pictured here with face blurred, busted into the garbage in the kitchen last night. It's only the second time she has done that in the over two years since I've had her. The first time the culprit was the bones of about 20 chicken wings. If you've never spent any real length of time with a dog farting buffalo sauce is, you don't really know hard time. This time, however, the culprit was a bag of dog food, some tissues, and a couple banana peels. I sense that this will be a much less painful day after for both of us.

The "big bang" machine that I mentioned on Monday had it's first successful test yesterday. Another day without the universe being sucked up by a black hole. Pretty, pretty good.

Hurricane Ike is battering the Gulf of Mexico and expected to hit southern Texas shortly. While Ike is considered so dangerous that the federal government has sent Tina Turner down to Texas to deal with it.

(You did get the Ike/Tina reference there, right? Ok, good.)

Alright, gotta jump in the shower. Cleanliness is next to godliness, you know...

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