Monday, September 08, 2008

Can This End Well?

Though this picture is small, and looks like it is from a new Marvel movie, it is in fact a particle accelerator that is buried deep in a bunker beneath the border of France and Switzerland. Scientists are using it to recreate the big bang theory, though my guess is that the experiment will go horrifically awry and that one of them will end up having robotic arms fused to his spine. That, or the whole thing will blow up and the Earth will be consumed by a giant black hole. We shall see which.

The weekend was a good one. We had a storm here which trapped everyone inside their respective apartments on Saturday. By mid-day I couldn't take the isolation anymore so went out to go get myself a Nintendo Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii. After playing only for an hour I had smashed holes in virtually every wall in my apartment. Nintendo pays you back for the spackle right?

In other news, Bonnie Hunt (not really sure who she is), has a new talk show. I'm watching as I write this and have to say it is quite awful.* Robin Williams is jumping around and speaking in various accents. After all these years of doing the same thing he really seems to be just crying for help.

*I will glady do the show, call me, Bonnie.

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