Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Election Erection

The country turned mostly red last night as the Republicans picked up a ton of seats in the House and a bunch of seats in the Senate. Blue now seems only to exist in the Northeast and West Coast, which makes me wonder why Democrats usually seem to live near water. I've always said gay people lived near water for an easy escape, and I guess it now applies to Democrats as well.

I'll gladly listen to other theories on the matter.

It seemed election night was more about the media coverage than the actual results themselves. FoxNews was like a giddy group of obnoxious kids, while MSNBC was a bunch of snarky, whining babies. I actually watched the least of CNN, which must have set some kind of record for "most pundits with the least interesting things to say" ratio.

I'm still a little confused as how having partisan pundits discussing election results counts as election coverage in the first place. They all just give party talking points and regurgitate the same BS that the other guys say when the shoe of power is on the other foot. I found many of the people I follow on Twitter far more insightful than the 20 people had CNN locked in The Situation Room last night. (Though my sources say that had quite and after-party in there including Paul Begala doing body shots off of Candy Crowley.)

Anyway, like all of them, I had watched, commented, tweeted about it and will continue to do so. I guess that's the real state of social media and politics in a America in 2010. It can keep us all busy enough with our own opinions that by the time the other guy clicks send on his tweet you're already 128 characters into your next one.




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Barry said...

How appropriate for the bloodbath that was this election. . .a map swimming in red. Although I'm still holding out hope that the Democrat will pull through and win the Governorship here in Illinois. It may be a month before the final ballot is counted. Just long enough for John Boehner to hone his Oompa-Loompa tan to a fine glow.