Friday, October 29, 2010

Sludge Report

The picture above is the headline from the Drudge Report last night. It's pandering, race-baiting journalism at it's worst. Not only does it turn out that Clinton didn't ask Meeks to dropout (Charlie Crist did), but also the implication that it would have had anything to do with race is a flat out lie.

Meeks is polling around 15% and Clinton and the Democrats are afraid that Meeks and Crist will split the vote, thus allowing Tea Party candidate Marco Rubio to win. If Meeks were white or purple or even green (which is very in these days) the Dems would still be pushing for him to drop out. It's a slimy game, and making everything about race only make it slimier.

Drudge, you're a douche.

On a slightly less slimy note, we're en route Atlantic City for the "Out in AC" Halloween event with Margaret Cho, Sandra Bernhard and Perez Hilton. Got any questions you want us to ask the ladies?

Have a happy Halloween everyone!


Barry said...

And by "ladies" you, of course, meant Perez Hilton. ;)

Anonymous said...

this is the way a blog should be! thanks!