Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Miles Away

I hate to report this all the way from sunny San Diego, but Harold Gould, who played Miles Weber in The Golden Girls has died.

Of course, you all know that Miles was the college professor who was Rose Nylund's boyfriend until it was exposed that his actual name was Nick Carbone and his was a mafia snitch on the run from The Cheeseman.

What you might not know is that The Cheeseman was played by an equally capable actor, Barney Martin, who played Jerry's father on Seinfeld.

Sadly though, Barney also passed away a year or two ago.

As for the writer who decided to have Miles hide undercover as an Amish farmer, I can only assume his career is dead as well.

Betty White will be giving the eulogy at the St. Olaf Cemetery later today.

In less old-dead-man news, The Six Packin' Tour has begun and I am writing this from a bench in downtown San Diego. We're off to the world famous San Diego Zoo today to see if there are any gay animals there. Got any questions for the giraffes or monkeys?

Sorry but I refuse to ask the elephants any questions, they think they know everything...


Anonymous said...

Poor Rhoda's father!

Barry said...

Poor Dave! Soon no one from "The Golden Girls" will be left. Of course, they'll all live forever in Dave's heart. . so that's some consolation. As for the zoo. . .well, if I could talk to the animals, just imagine it! Chatting with a chimp in chimpanzee. Imagine talking to a tiger, chatting with a cheetah, what a neat a-chieve-ment it would be. Sorry, I'll take "Late 1960's Musical Flopbusters" for $100, Alex.

Hal said...

I guess the chances of a "Golden Girls" reunion show are slim, unless it's set at Forest Lawn. And Barry, let's not forget that "Talk to the Animals" won the Oscar for best original song. And yet one so rarely hears it in cabarets these days.