Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Do The Right Thing

The Prop 8 trial decision is going to be announced any minute now.

My sources say that each network has their own plan if the decision is reversed. MSNBC, being the gayest of the three, will most likely turn off the lights and pass glow sticks around. Fox News will shoot whatever anchor is on air, especially if it's Shep Smith, and CNN will shave Wolf Blitzer, live on-air.

My sources also say that if the decision stands that MSNBC will dedicate the rest of the day to Glen Beck bashing, Fox News will throw a keg party and CNN will shave Jack Cafferty. I'm not sure those all even make sense, but that's what my people are telling me.

No matter what happens, this will all just lead to more legal cases and probably will end up in the Supreme Court. Good thing that the maybe/kinda/sorta lesbian Elena Kagan is probably going to get confirmed.

Oh, and does anyone else still get confused which was YES on 8 and which was NO on 8? That's probably why so many people are upset about this whole thing.


Frank said...

Yep, they DID the right thing!!!

Hal said...

Prop 8, which was approved by voters, defined marriage in California as valid only between a man and a woman. So the gays wanted people to vote no on Prop 8.