Friday, July 30, 2010

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My Top 10, in no order (Feel free to make up your own...)
  1. Hot Weiner
  2. Crazy Weiner
  3. Raging Weiner
  4. Feisty Weiner
  5. Nutty Weiner
  6. Wrathful Weiner
  7. Wacky Weiner
  8. Heated Weiner
  9. Exasperated Weiner
  10. Stimulated Weiner


Barry said...

Weiner on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Jerry said...

Hot weiner!

Dick Masters said...

If it walks and talks like a duck,... it may very well be a duck. The Gentleman Weiner is correct. Delay, delay, delay is the order of business with the Republicans.

The Gentleman is also correct,... if you believe that a bill is wrong for the country, then vote "No".

What the Gentleman does not realize that out here,.. we are not as dumb as the the Republican party may think. "WE get it!" And the GOP will find that in November,.. The Party Is Over!

Charlene said...

The GOP guy who spoke before Rep. Weiner was shouting and emotional too. He wasn't as passionate at it as Rep. Weiner but the GOP never is. He was doing what he was told by saying the reason there wasn't any Republican support for the issue was bad procedure.

Mitch McConnell had all his GOP guys in hand and the only ones from the other side who voted for the deal were from the state of NY.

Take a moment to watch Mitch speak. He has dry ice in his veins. No emotion while he rips the heart out of citizens who he is supposed to be working for.

Steve in CA said...

Animated Weiner!