Monday, April 12, 2010


There was some concern that Apple's new iPad might not have the processing power necessary to play a show as intensely hilarious as The Six Pack. Fear not though, as we can confirm it works just fine, courtesy of trusty-listener Andrew in New York City.

In other news it was a pretty spectacular weekend here and I set a personal record for being out and about. It included spotting Bob Costas who is surprisingly short, but was unsurprisingly talking baseball.

Six Pack #38 featuring comedian Kate Clinton should be up tonight and I'll try to post something else later to make up for last week's light week.

Yes, I always feel I owe you, it's such a burden...

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Hal said...

Did Bob Costas have the same peculiar-looking hair he had during the Olympics coverage? I couldn't decide whether it was a wig or a bad dye job.