Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Rubinville: Now a Capitalist Website

Sure, Socialism is in these days. Sure, I've run this website with no ads for over seven years. Sure, I spent many years doing stand up for nothing. And, sure, I'm an artist and as such struggle with the idea of making a dime of my talents and hard work.


If Dane Cook can sell enough t-shirts on his site to have his brother-in-law steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from him, well, then I want that chance, too!

So, allow me to officially introduce the Rubinville Store, which you can get to by clicking the button in the right column, or by clicking here.

I think you'll all enjoy the Rubinville and Shady Pines shirts and sweatshirts. And for the inner trucker in you, there is even the Rubinville Trucker Hat, pictured above.

Do know that all proceeds will go to me continuing to do all this madness that you all check in here to stay abreast of.* It does take a little dough to keep Rubinville humming and buzzing, believe it or not.

Whether you buy something or not, I will keep doing what I do, and I hope you will keep making that a little part of your day.

*Proceeds will cover the costs of said madness and the occasional margarita.


Barry said...

* Perchance some of the proceeds could go to a grammar book. . .that is the most confusing sentence I have ever read! (Sorry, Dave, it's the English teacher in me.) And congratulations on becoming an entrepreneur. By the way, could you introduce me to any of the models displaying your Rubinville wares?? ;)

Hal said...

Barry: I was (briefly) an English teacher myself. Not to get off topic, but I just saw this on the news wire: "Giant waves hit cruise ship; 2 passengers killed" Isn't that the plot of "The Poseidon Adventure," only with a lot more people killed, plus Shelley Winters' underwater ballet?

Dave said...

Ha I love that fact the two of you have English teaching backgrounds. So fitting.

However, the awful sentence shall remain!

Barry said...

Yes, Hal, who could forget that flash of Shelley's panties. . . try though we might.
As for you, Mr. Rubin, I'll just have to get my red pen out and start deducting points! ;)