Monday, March 01, 2010

Six Pack #34 - "Join the Joyride"

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Our idol Joy Behar joins the Six Pack as our Skype guest this week, proving that dreams do come true. Is she the hardest working woman in show biz? What does she think of Snooki and J-Woww? What exactly is psycho drama and why won't Barbara Walters take part in it? Joy has no qualms about giving us her brutally honest answers. Be sure to check out The Joy Behar Show on HLN at 9pm EST and of course every weekday on The View.

Queerty-logo_85w We've got our own hot topics to cover in Top to Bottom: Apple is going "explicit," CPAC is going gay, and you're never going to want to eat another hot dog. (Of the food variety, at least.) Top to Bottom is now powered by, where you can go for all the latest in gay news and opinion. They're "free of an agenda, except that gay one."

Roulette Since we pride ourselves on hunting down the latest trends, our newest "Missed Connections Set to Love Songs" is by people who have lost love on NEXT! Group Action brings us more international love, including a Skype voicemail all the way from Sri Lanka. Download now and take a little time to enjoy The View...err, Six Pack!

New_audible_logo This episode of the Six Pack is brought to you by Download an audiobook of your choice today for FREE at Might we recommend Joy Behar's e-book?

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