Sunday, March 14, 2010

Everyone is GLAAD to Have a Six Pack

Ben and I hit the GLAAD awards last night and knocked out plenty of interviews on the red carpet. We'll be posting clips of them in the next day or two and the full interviews will be in episode #36 of The Six Pack. Fittingly, (and proof that I'm onto something here) Joy Behar received the Excellence in Media Award, which was given to her by former View co-host Meredith Viera.

I'm not sure I linked to this years ago, but way back when, as Meredith prepared to start her gig at The Today Show, Carlos and I bumped into her at our local pet store. It was the very day we were picking Emma up from the shelter, and Meredith, being super friendly, starting chatting us up. Little did we know, but the woman she was with was a reporter for the New York Times and we were gonna get a little mention in an article about her. You can click here and find the part about us.

Anyway, it was a really great evening and we talked to some people we've chatted with before and some new people, including one person who was recently in a little movie called Avatar that may have made it to a theater near you.

Clips coming!

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Barry said...

If Emma could read, Dave, I'm not sure she'd appreciate you telling Meredith Viera that she's a slut. I'm just saying.