Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Rubinville: A New Hope

I know, I can't believe there was never a Jedi cartoon of me here, either.

The pic above, like much of our Six Pack artwork was done by Andy Deihl, who not only does great work but somehow makes me feel silly be even saying "thanks." You can check out plenty more of Andy's stuff here.

And you know what? This is my site, so I'm thanking you publicly and you can't stop me.

Thanks dude.

I also wanna give a major thanks to my trusty webslinger, err, I mean webmaster, Steve, who has done all the redesigns on the many versions of Rubinville. We started this thing before anyone was blogging, just as some scribble on a napkin at a pizza place here in NYC, and it's come pretty damn far. So, a public thanks goes to you too, Steve. And you guys should all check out Steve's band Bluish.

We're still tinkering and fiddling with some of the redesign, and your comments, thoughts and advice are welcome. Unless they are negative, we just can't deal with that kind of stuff.

Also, you might have noticed I stuck a donation button up there. I did this once for a few weeks a couple years ago but then decided to take it down because somehow getting any money for all this seemed like selling-out. Frankly, I can't even remember how or why I thought that, but your donations are welcome and I promise they will all be used pretty much to feed and/or clothe me.

Oh, and maybe the occasional margarita. If you'd like your donation to be specifically used for margaritas please note that on the donation page...


Anonymous said...

How about I owe you a margarita if you ever do a show in Washington? lol.

Dave said...

Fair enough.

Hal said...

I'm also in Washington (snowed under at the moment), so that would be two margaritas for you.

Dave said...

Can't you guys send me the money and I'll buy the margs when I head down there?

(Slick, right?)

JGator82 said...

Nice Saber. Watch where you swing that thing. And WHY is it blue!?

JGator82 said...

Nice Saber. Watch where you swing that thing. And WHY is it blue!?