Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"The Only Thing We Have to Fear..."

...Is Fear Itself."

FDR said that in his inauguration speech while talking about the depression and how we could turn the economy around almost 80 years ago.

Today, though, I use it to describe another amazing change that is about to happen. Over the next few days there are gonna be changes here in Rubinville, culminated in a big change in about a week or so. Those of you who have been with me since the beginning have seen many makeovers over the years, and it is once again time for a little urban renewal. Some of the changes will happen piece by piece so may or may not notice them, and then suddenly, without warning, this place will have the full-makeover. Think of it as like when Oprah brings out an ugly woman and changes her into a slightly less-ugly woman.

Wait, wait, that's not to say that Rubinville is or ever was ugly, that was more a comment on the Oprah makeover shows.

The point is, don't fear the changes, and especially don't fear that all the comments seem to be down at the moment, they are coming back, I promise.

Plus, why fear things that go on around here? Rubinville is a designated "no fear zone."


Barry said...

Hold me. . .I'm a-scared!

Steve in CA said...

Ha, Barry, that's EXACTLY what I was gonna say! Since you already said that, Ill say...DAVE! WTF? "So on the money today, Elisabeth"?? WHAT were you TWEETING! She was a deranged hysterical nominally coherent she-bitch today. (Is that what you meant to say?)

Jon said...

Wooooo makeovers!

Hal said...

I hate change. I want everything to stay the same. Well, OK. I'll try to be open-minded.

Dave said...

Is anyone having any major problems with the site since we started the minor changes?

Steve in CA said...

Nope, it's good.