Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mike Tyson Punched Out

It was 20 years ago today that Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson in the best boxing match I've ever seen. (I've probably watched about five fights total, but still.) I remember the night very clearly because it was the same evening as the NBA Dunk Contest, and my brother and I angled two TV's, one in the living room one in the basement, so that we could sit on the stairs and watch both events. I think it still stands as the only time I watched TV on the while stairs. And that includes The Stair Master, which I have never tried.

Since I know you all care, Buster Douglas lost his only title defense to Evander Holyfield. And Dominique Wilkins won that dunk contest.

I sense this post might cause a gay revolt here at Rubinville. Hmm, lemme think of something gay. Oh yea, did you guys watch The View this morning? Apparently, Whoopi has a leaky vagina.



Your Brother said...

A great memory from our childhood.........great fight & dunk contest

Barry said...

Boxing? Vagina? Must. Listen. To. A. Judy. Garland. Song. Now. Ah, gay again!

Hal said...

" . . . and all because of the man that got awaaaaaay." Ah, Judy. She makes everything right again.