Thursday, January 07, 2010

Conan Minus Leno = Leno Minus Conan (Kinda)

TMZ is reporting that NBC is cancelling Jay Leno's 10 pm disaster and giving him back his old job as the host of The Tonight Show. That probably leaves Conan O'Brien looking for work, though maybe they'll kick him back to 12:30 and give Jimmy Fallon the boot. Frankly, it all doesn't really matter as nobody watches these shows anyway, but I would like to say that I predicted this even before the Leno's 10 show debuted. Need proof? Click here.

I do need someone to explain to me how if you get awful ratings that hurt the local news after your show that you then get rewarded with the same job back that you were forced out of in the first place.

You're right, you're right, calm down, Dave. If there was ever a sign of my preeminent success, this is it...

(I don't think I used the word "preeminent" correctly there. What word was I looking for?)

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