Thursday, November 19, 2009


No this isn't a picture of the lobby of the W Hotel in midtown, it is actually a picture of the newly redesigned McDonald's here in Chelsea. Considering that the McDonald's near my apartment makes you go to the counter just to get napkins, this certainly seems like a step-up. Since this is a bit off-brand for McD's, I will check it out sometime this week and let you know. Maybe Ben and I can podcast from there, I'm sure they have wi-fi in such a fancy, french-fry, fast-food, food-court.

Oh, and as long as I'm discussing these such establishments, I went to Subway yesterday only to find out that the turkey no longer qualifies as a 5 Dollar Footlong sandwich. For $7.08 I can go get a real sandwich. Jared can go f*ck himself.

Ok, gym time, you know, gotta work off all this fast-food...

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