Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Road More Travelled

I'm writing this while on an Amtrak train from back from Delaware to NYC. Shawn Hollenbach, Claudia Cogan, Jackie Monohan and I just finished up a couple days of road work which consisted of some rockin' shows, a lot of driving and a ton of food. All in all it was an excellent trip even though we didn't find a Cracker Barrel, which was my main reason for going. Despite that dissapointment, I'd do it all again.

Right now I have my phone plugged into the outlet next to my seat even though I havefull battery. For some reason I like usurping the trains power. Take that, state-funded, interstate train company!

Back to usual posts this week. Perhaps while usurping power from my local post-office or fire department...

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