Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"Comedy" At 10

I saw this ad on a phone booth in Chelsea yesterday for the new Jay Leno Show. As you can see, the tag-line is "Comedy At 10. It's About Time." While I do agree with the hypothesis that something can be funny at 10 pm, clearly they aren't talking about this show. I can only assume that they mean for us to tune in to repeats of Futurama on Comedy Central at 10, and they just put Leno's head there cuz it looks like it's from the outer-space.

Two Leno attacks in a span of 10 posts. See if any other comic in America has the balls for that. I think not!

That's also precisely why when NBC picks up The Dave Rubin Show to replace this 10 pm disaster, the tag-line will be "Dave Rubin: His Balls Are As Big As His Comedy."

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