Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Perks of Stardom

Ya, it's a good life.

Those are the feet of yours truly, after my third-ever pedicure earlier today. My first one was about two years ago, which after the amount of basketball I play, was long overdue. I actually heard that the woman who did my feet that day actually committed suicide a few weeks later. That kept me from getting another until last summer, after buying new flip-flops. Then today, after waiting for over another year, it was a "Treat yourself, Dave, you're doing good stuff." And alas, I did.

19 bucks for a pedicure and a 10 minute massage. I think that's a pretty good deal, especially for NYC, right? And no, there was no happy ending. That would've been and extra 10 bucks, which frankly, I just wasn't ready to splurge for.

Now what do people with freshly-cleaned toes eat for dinner? Hmm...

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