Monday, July 20, 2009

My Incredible (Hulk) Story

This is an unaltered picture that I took earlier today from the corner of 79th and Columbus while walking Emma. While those of you not from NYC may simply assume that our streets are normally flowing with green ooze, I can assure you that is not the case. (At least not the Upper West Side, though lord only knows what's happening in the East Village.) After discussing the matter with several other onlookers and thinking about it on a near-by bench, I could only deduce that the The Incredible Hulk was shot and multiple times and taken to The Museum of Natural History for further examination.

I walked over to the museum to inquire further about my hypothesis but was turned away by the night guard, played by Ben Stiller.

But why was the night guard working during the day, you ask?


And wasn't he recently transferred to The Smithsonian or something?

Or was it MOMA? Or the Museum of the Moving Image? No, no, that wasn't it. Oh, it was the Baltimore Aquarium! No, hmm, oh, who knows? I didn't see that stupid movie either.

Needless to say, I did what anyone else would do and took a sample of the green blood with the bag that was supposed to be for the dog's poop.

I'm still waiting for the results of the DNA test I did on the blood using my homemade centrifuge. I mixed the extra with some strawberries and a little GNC protein powder for a delicious after-workout shake.

I will keep you posted about this as well as the status of the radioactive pigeon bite I got yesterday...

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