Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hardball (And Fajitas) Without Chris Matthews

Yes, that is a waiter in the black t-shirt. And just beyond him is MSNBC's very own Chris Mathews. He was strolling down Columbus last night, apparently looking for a place to eat, but when my friend yelled, "Yo, Chris!" and waved to him, he turned around for some strange reason. He did give us a big smile though, so I'll put him on my list of pleasant celebrities. It's too bad he didn't join us though, cuz we had quite an Obama Health Care debate. We even did it with less yelling than on his show, though that wasn't too hard to do.

Lovely day outside today, which, if it's like every other day we've had this month, means that it will be hot for the next hour, then a lightening storm, then hot again, then a tsunami and then a mild evening. Bipolar weather is very in these days.

I'll try to check in between the lightening storm and the second heat wave...

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