Monday, March 09, 2009

Sirius Stuff

I'll be the guest on OutQ's Frank DeCaro Show today at one pm, eastern. That's channel 109 for you Sirius folks, and channel 98 for you XM people.

But Dave, what does the picture of Soundwave from the upcoming Tranformers 2 movie have to do with all this, you ask? Well, Soundwave has been updated and is now a satellite according to my well-placed sources. I guess they just couldn't figure out a plausible reason to have a circa-1985 cassette player in a 2009 movie. Typical Hollywood lack of imagination if you ask me.

If you've got Sirius or XM tune in for a good time. Now you'll have to excuse me as I have to go get camera-ready for radio.

Oh, wait...

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