Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Not So Super Mario

(Pictures won't load at the moment, it must be a 1004th post issue.)

I just read that Super Mario Brothers has officially been overthrown as the best-selling video game of all-time.  Before I tell you the game that is the new number one, let's all take a moment to relive all the mushrooms we ate and koopa's we jumped on.  

Ok then.

So, the game that dethroned Mario is another Nintendo by Nintendo itself, Wii Sports.  As of this week it has sold over 45 million copies which just pushed it past everyone's favorite plumber.  (Unless your toilet is clogged in which case it is always the guy who fixes it.)  Some of you may be crying foul, because Wii Sports comes with the Wii system, but you may remember that Mario came with the 8-bit system, too.  I own both games, and I must say it is nice to be a part of history.

All four living presidents joined Barack Obama at the White House for lunch today.  I feel like there is a joke somewhere in there about what they each ate specifically, check Leno or Letterman for it at 11:30 tonight.

Is it pointless to make your bed at 4:40 in the afternoon?  I feel that it is, yet my bed is calling me to do something about it....

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