Wednesday, January 21, 2009

King And Queen Of The Balls

Damn, they're good.

So, there they are, the new first couple, dancing at one of the many balls last night.  I will forgo all the "balls" jokes and go right to the heart of the matter.  It seems to me that these two people are either genuine, loving, decent people in the world, or we are all severely fucked.*

*Note:  I try not to curse around here, but somehow that's how strongly I feel about this.  I mean they just seem so freakin' in love and truthful, that if it isn't true, and they are just taking us for a joyride, then we are simply fucked.  That's the word, there is no other.

As great as the whole thing was yesterday, I have to say that Cheney in the wheelchair and the evil hat was by far the best part.  Could he possibly have looked more like an grumpy, evil bastard?  I guess maybe if was petting a hairless cat, but it was obviously too cold to bring such an animal outside.

OK, like the president, I have may things to do today.  And also like the president, it starts with a workout...

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