Monday, November 03, 2008

One Middle Finger, One More Day

With only one day left before the election, Barack Obama made his feelings about John McCain pretty clear with his use of the middle finger in this clip below...

While it seems like it might've been unintentional or even subconscious, he also did this to Hillary a few months ago. You know the old saying, where there is a finger, there is fire.

So, one more day and then we can start preparing for 2012. We are doing Topical early on Wednesday morning, so you'll be able to listen earlier in the day to either our feelings on the recount or the riots, depending on how it all shakes out.

Okay, I'm gonna take Emma to go vote. Dog's are allowed to vote early here in NYC, and even though she is voting for Nader, I promised I'd take her...

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