Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Red, White And Black And Blue

America is clearly beat up these days, and consequently CNN is doing polls about it. The main story at CNN.com right now reads, "Poll finds Americans angry, worried." While I agree with that, it seems to be that they are leaving out one other emotion we are all having lately...horny. I've been asking around and people are telling me they are having excessive pre-election horniness. Does that go for you to? What are you doing about it? Lemme know.

HA. No joke, I just wrote that and then went over to MSNBC.com where the headline reads, "Planning for greater depression." The caption beneath it reads, "Special report: From hoarding food and bullets to learning how to sew, some Americans are preparing for even worse economic times."

I'm totally afraid to see what's going on at FoxNews.com.

More this afternoon, unless this depression/anger/horny thing hits...

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