Thursday, October 16, 2008

Anyone Know A Good Plumber?

The debate basically went as expected. Obama was slick, cool, intelligent and eloquent. McCain was fidgety, nervous, off-message and annoyed. The attacks didn't really stick, and I think you can put a fork in this election, cuz it's done.

That brings me to Joe the Plumber. I just saw a live interview with him outside his home this morning on MSNBC. He matter of factly explained why he is for the war in Iraq, against Obama's tax plan and open to running for office. I actually found him more forceful and passionate than McCain and I think if the Republicans want a chance in hell to win this thing they should replace McCain with Joe the Plumber.

Hey, who can clean up the shit in Washington better than a plumber?

(You saw that coming, right?)

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