Friday, September 05, 2008

Who Ya Gonna Call For A Sequel?

I've just been informed that Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd have signed on for Ghostbuster 3. With Ernie Hudson and Harold Ramis already aboard now the producers are just awaiting word from Slimer.

I know it was a slow week here in Rubinville, though it was not a slow week for me. We did our two big live shows of Hot Gay Comics on Wednesday night and they were a huge success. The first show, which I hosted, was particularly good. The series will begin on television in November or December. Stay tuned.

I watched John McCain's speech last night and have to say that it was pretty decent although I thought his head was going to explode at the end when he started that whole "fight with me" thing. Fortunately, it did not, and now we have eight more weeks of campaigning.

For the rest of my thoughts on the RNC check out this week's Topical which should be posted by the end of the day. If you haven't subscribed yet through iTunes, we are not on speaking terms.

Wil try to come back later. But if I don't, who ya gonna call?

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