Friday, August 08, 2008

Is Florida Next?

CNN is reporting that Russian warplanes have been bombing sites in Georgia. I can only imagine what President George's response to this will be, but if the Georgia bulldog gets loose just watch out.

(Yes, I know it's the other Georgia. C'mon, it's just a little morning geography fun. And by little, I mean very little.)

The Olympics are underway and the anti-smog and anti-human rights abuse people are all going nuts. Can't we just honor and appreciate the Chinese for their delicious and quickly delivered food?

According to a study done by Yahoo! (who even knew they were doing studies?), Ohio has four of the top-ten cities that are dying the fastest. Cleveland could've went into cardiac-arrest by the time I finish this sentence.

Interestingly, no city in Georgia was on the list. Take that, you commie bastards!

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